A Template Video or Custom Animated Explainer Video for Best Results?


When it comes to animated explainer videos, there are two ways of making them. First one is the quick and cheap way, using a template video with pre-made animations. The second the custom tailored way, making a professional custom designed animated explainer video.

In this blogpost we’ll show you why you should always choose the latter way, if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Standing out from the competition

Animated explainer videos have been around for a couple of years now, but still remain one of best tools to make your solution stand out in the market, if made right.

Because of the higher demand many animation companies started producing cheap template videos. In the last years the market got flooded with poor quality look alike videos and advertisements.

This is not necessarily bad, because you can take advantage of this.

Custom animated videos stand out more simply because they’re made different from the ground up.

By using unique custom designs and animations these videos look more alive and don’t perform looped actions such as template animated videos.

2.Targeting and resonance with your audience

When you want to target a specific audience you want to have a video that talks specifically to those people.

Template videos often use generic stories. Usually only the logo and some parts of the message are changed.

You want to be more specific than that. Taking the custom animated approach and using a team of video conversion specialists you can make your message as personalized as needed.

Use the right wording, setting right tone and crafting the right designs you achieve immense resonance with your audience.

In return people identify with these videos better, care to watch to the end and are more willing to take action.

Below is a custom animated explainer video as an example:


3. Best ROI

A high quality video often results in serious ROI.

In fact studies show that custom animated explainer videos can increase your conversion rates by as much as 64%. (Link to study)

Note emphasis is on the word “custom”.

Many think a pre-made template video will save them money, but they end up with exactly what they pay for – a video that not only is cheap, but looks cheap – and doesn’t convert.



Now you got a clear understanding of why the custom approach delivers a better marketing result in the long run.

It works better because you can be more specific and personal with your target audience.

People will also mention it as your buyer persona or ideal customer.

You want to have it thoroughly defined. it’s one of the things we help our clients with before we start the explainer video production.

If you still have any concerns or would like to know the best way animated video can help you grow your company, feel free to reach out at: hello@videosauce.net

  • What I didn’t mention often many explainer video companies market themselves as the custom solution and won’t tell you they use the template approach. My tip: always ask about the process. Also a good indicator can be the production time. Template videos take around 1-2 weeks to complete whereas custom ones 4-8 weeks.